The Paw Paw Fire Department does not sell or endorse Knoxbox, but many businesses within our response area use this service, this is the FAQ from the Knox Box website. You would need to purchase this on your own and work with the Fire Chief to add a new knox box to our database.


Q: What is the Knox Company's policy regarding key security

A: Knox provides Knox® Master Keys to authorized fire departments and law enforcement agencies for use only with the Knox System. Although departments take possession of these keys, the ownership of the Knox Master Keys and associated key codes remains with Knox. This is necessary to ensure the security of the Knox System. For this reason, it is imperative that Fire Departments and other registered Knox accounts keep these Knox Master Keys secure and not lend or share their keys with any unauthorized party. This restriction includes lending the key to locksmiths or lock box manufacturers.

Q: What should fire departments do to maintain key security?
A: Follow these simple steps.

  • Keep all Knox Master Keys in a secure place
  • Do not release the Knox provided keys to any party outside of your department or agency
  • Do not provide Knox installation database access to any non-fire department or non-law enforcement
  • Notify Knox immediately of loss, theft or attempted duplication of any key

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Obtain the Authorization/Order form from the Fire Department that will respond to the location where you plan to install the Knox Product. An authorized signer must sign the form and all sections must be completed. Mail the form with payment to the Knox Company.

Q: Can I fax the Authorization/Order form to the Knox Company?

A: Yes. If you are paying by credit card, you can fax the Authorization/Order form directly to the Knox Company. If you choose to fax your order, please DO NOT mail the original form to the Knox Company as it can cause duplication.

Q: How long does it take to get my Knox product?

A: Standard processing time is 7 working days from receipt of your order. All standard orders are shipped ground. RUSH service is available for an additional charge. Please call Knox Customer Service at (800) 552-5669 for details.

Q: Pricing? How much does a Knox-Box cost?

A: Prices for all Knox products are listed on the backside of the Authorization/Order form.

Q: What is an Alarm Tamper Switch?

A: The Alarm Tamper Switch is a switch that is installed in the Knox-Box that connects to the alarm on your building or home. If anyone tampers with the box, the alarm will be activated.

Q: Who installs the Alarm Tamper Switch?

A: Usually your alarm company will come out and run the alarm wires to the box and connect them to the Tamper Switch.

Q: Where are my keys to the box?

A: If the box is keyed to the Fire Department, then the Fire Department has the only master key to all the Knox products installed in your area. You do not receive a key to the product because the key is controlled by the fire department. Please contact the Fire Department to come out and lock the door to your box.

Q: Do I need a Recessed Mounting Kit (RMK) for my recessed box?

A: The RMK is for use on new masonry construction only.

Q: How do I install my Knox product?

A: Always mount your Knox products to a secure, solid wall, beam, or post. A six-foot height level is recommended to resist vandalism. Please refer to mounting instructions that are shipped with the product. To be sure, please contact your Knox-Box authorized fire department for a specific mounting location.