Fire hydrants are an extremely important part of firefighting. They must be located so that they are easily identified and easily accessible to firefighters. A fire engine can only carry a limited amount of water, so it is vitally important for firefighters to be able to hook the fire engines to the hydrants to supply them with enough water to fight the fire.

What can you do to help ensure the condition of a fire hydrant in your neighborhood?

  • Keep all bushes and shrubs cleared at least 3 feet in all directions around the hydrant. It may seem like a large area but firefighters need room to connect large hoses from several directions in order to do their job.
  • Never tamper with or allow children to play with or on fire hydrants. Time is very important when fighting a fire; if inlet covers are jammed or damaged, they cannot be accessed quickly.
  • Never park in front of a fire hydrant. It is illegal and can results in a costly fine.

Fire hydrants have been around for a long time and continue to be an integral part of firefighting efforts.