How To Request an Incident Fire Report

Afire incident report is generated by the fire department each time a piece of fire apparatus is dispatched to assist with a fire, hazardous materials incident, rescue or other dangerous situation. These reports are public records, available upon request.

Processing Fees

  • Processing fee for fire reports is $ 10.00.

Requesting a Report Online

  • Sorry, at this time we do not offer this

Requesting a Report Via Fax or Mail

  • Open, print, and fill out the Fire Reports Request Form
  • If you wish to have the report faxed to you, you must provide the FAX number on the form. Otherwise, we will mail the report.
  • If this is a non-business related request (Non- insurance company, legal or law enforcement) please request records using the Michigan Freedom of Information Act by submitting the request in writing per the Michigan Freedom of Information Act PA 442.
  • Fax the form(s) to the PPFD at (269) 657-4302 or mail the form to:

    Paw Paw Fire Department
    Attn: Second Assistant Chief
    832 South Gremps Street
    Paw Paw, MI 49079

Requesting a Report Via Telephone

  • Call the PPFD at (269) 657-4770.

Important Notice About Medical Records

  • We do not run 'medical' calls; therefore we do not provide medical run records. 
  • If a person was involved in an incident (such as vehicle accident or dwelling fire resulting in injury) they will need to contact the appropriate medical agency such as the Quick response service, Ambulance or Air transport service.
  • We will provide the fire incident report related to that particular call as outlined above.

Picking Up Reports

  • Reports can be picked up if you arrange a time with the Second Assistant Chief, otherwise we don't offer pick up/same day service.